Contact Information

Lauren Gideon, APCC



Specialty Associate Professional Clinical Counselor


Masters of Science in Multicultural Counseling
San Diego State University, San Diego, CA

Bachelors in Applied Arts and Science in Psychology and LGBTQ+ studies
San Diego State University, San Diego, CA


Under the supervision of Kim Kelley, LCSW

My name is Lauren and my pronouns are they/them! As a nonbinary, queer person it is important to me to serve and be with my community in the best ways I can. I deeply believe in the inherent worth of all life. Which I work to express both in empathy and kindness towards individuals as well as with practical understanding and resistance to the oppressive systems that undermine the lives of too many people including my own role in them. As a clinician I often use emotion focused, gestalt, and existential lens. We are each on a journey through life to define ourselves and our meaning and I am here to be a companion to walk and be in relationship with, however we want to define that together.

I am also neurodivergent, autistic and ADHD, and work well with neurodivergent clients. I have experience working with people of many developmental stages and have a background in LGBTQ+ education. 

Feel free to contact me for an appointment at! Appointments are available in-person and online.

As a registered associate, I am unable to bill any insurances, but I am able to offer an affordable rate. I hope to hear from you!